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Turmeric has grown increasingly popular among people over the years. Many people consume curcumin and turmeric supplements daily for weight loss, immunity inflammation, and overall well-being. While some people see turmeric supplements as an immune booster, others consider them an antioxidant superfood.

Though Turmeric came into the limelight like a decade ago, it’s been used for decades to proffer solutions to various health issues. Turmeric is used in conventional Ayurvedic medicine as a wellness or health booster.

Nowadays, several turmeric supplements claim to provide generous health benefits – however, not all the supplements live up to expectations. For your convenience, we have carefully scrutinized and selected the best turmeric supplements that you should consider in 2022. Below are our top-ranked supplements and why we thought them to be the best.The Best Turmeric Supplements For 2022

Most turmeric and supplements usually encompass the same ingredients and doses. So it might be challenging to determine which one is best. But, we have done the hard work for you by separating the good and lousy turmeric supplements available in the market.

During this review, we contacted manufacturers, checked verified turmeric sources and lab reports. After in-depth research and collaboration by our editorial staff, here is how we ranked the best curcumin and turmeric supplements of 2022.Organifi GoldA truly ‘gold’ superfood dietary supplement, Organifi Gold comes in the form of turmeric powder instead of turmeric pills.Earth Echo Turmeric + GingerManufactured by Earth Echo, one of the leading dietary supplements manufacturers, Turmeric + Ginger is the best turmeric supplement in terms of budget.Curcimitol – QContaining high quality and high concentration of curcuminoids from organic turmeric extract, this gluten-free dietary supplement is the best turmeric supplement.Live Conscious Maximum Strength CurcuwellLive Conscious is a long-standing name in the industry of dietary supplements, manufacturing some of the best turmeric capsules. Maximum Strength Curcuwell is composed of organic turmeric root extract and is a completely gluten-free dietary supplement.Transparent Labs Turmeric 95% CurcuminoidsWith high concentration of curcuminoids from organic turmeric extract, this gluten-free supplement by Transparent Labs helps regulate blood sugar levels and improve gut health.NuzenaNuzena Turmeric Curcumin supplement is the best turmeric supplement. Being gluten-free and completely organic, this turmeric and curcumin supplement can help reduce inflammation and impart anti-aging benefits.Vitapost’s Turmeric Curcumin PlusNot all turmeric supplements are created equal; Vitapost’s Turmeric Curcumin can help improve gut health and cardiovascular health using high quality organic turmeric extract.CurafenOne of the few turmeric curcumin supplements backed by a money-back guarantee, Curafen, being gluten free, uses organic turmeric extract as an active ingredient, making it one of the best turmeric capsules.Essential ElementsA gluten-free and organic turmeric turmeric pills supplement, this supplement by Essential Elements is one of the best curcumin supplements in the market to improve gut health and treat rheumatoid arthritis.CurcleveCurcleve is one of those curcumin supplements that uses high quality organic turmeric root as an active ingredient to impart health benefits like maximum absorption of nutrients and improved joint health.Prosper Wellness TurmericCBDA high quality turmeric supplement with the wellness and health benefits of CBD, Prosper Wellness Turmeric CBD is gluten-free with anti-inflammatory properties.Golden Revive+A true breakthrough curcumin and turmeric product that is gluten-free, Golden Revive uses high concentration turmeric root’s extract (curcuminoids) to impart anti-inflammatory properties to the supplement.PaleoValley Turmeric ComplexPaleoValley designed their curcumin supplement to support a healthy diet while also being compatible with a vegan diet. It has many benefits including anti-aging benefits while providing visible improvement in overall health.PuraThrive Liposomal TurmericLiposomal Turmeric by PuraThrive contains healthy fatty acids to enhance absorption of the turmeric pills by the body. This turmeric pills supplement has organic turmeric root which is backed by scientific evidence.Natural Stacks Turmeric & Curcumin with Coconut OilFor those looking for organic as well as vegan turmeric and curcumin supplements Natural Stacks provides a safe and effective supplement with antioxidant properties.Prime Health Daily Turmeric RestoreOne of the best turmeric capsules supplements by Prime Health, a leading manufacturer of health supplements in the supplement market, Daily Turmeric Restore uses safe and natural ingredients to create a supplement ideal for daily use.Turmeric 3DWith turmeric root as an active ingredient, Turmeric 3D has myriad health benefits, the most highlighted one being improvement in joint pain.Kats Botanicals TurmericWith organic turmeric root extract, this gluten-free dietary supplement imparts numerous health benefits and has anti-inflammatory properties.Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with BioPerineUsing BioPerine, a patented extract of black pepper, Science Naturals brings you a gluten-free supplement that can help reduce inflammation and support a healthy diet.Shroom Tech ImmuneUsing turmeric root as an active ingredient, Shroom Tech Immune relieves the user of joint pain and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.NativePath Daily TurmericThis supplement has anti-aging benefits, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties imparted by organic turmeric root extract.CurcuminMDPlusOne of the best dietary supplements to reduce inflammation, enhance gut health and joint health, CurcuminMDPlus has organic turmeric root to impart numerous benefits.Plant Pure Turmeric CBDTaking turmeric supplements with the wellness of CBD is always a great idea, making Plant Pure Turmeric CBD the best turmeric supplement in the supplement market. It is also gluten free.Turmeric Total BoostThis gluten-free supplement can effectively support a vegan diet. Providing a total boost of health, Turmeric Total Boost is composed of potent anti-inflammatory organic turmeric and curcumin.Liposomal Curcumin GoldA blend of DHA, Ginger extract, and turmeric root, this supplement by Purality Health can help alleviate the most debilitating joint pains.Thorne Research Meriva-SFSupporting a vegan diet while providing the many benefits of sunflower oil, these turmeric pills when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet can easily improve immune system and gut health.Smarter Nutritional Curcumin with Black Seed OilSmarter Nutritional Curcumin makes the most of organic turmeric root while synergizing it with black seed oil for greater benefits. The supplement also has anti-inflammatory properties.Qunol Extra Strength TurmericWith higher concentration of curcuminoids, Qunol’s Extra Strength Turmeric Capsules can support overall health when taken in conjunction with a healthy dietOXOMIO CondroOXOMIO Condro can support better gut health and is undoubtedly one of the best turmeric capsules in the market.Simple Life Nutrition Turmeric BioPerineIt has the patented extract of black pepper to enhance absorption of its turmeric pills, which makes the supplement one of the best turmeric capsules.Organifi Gold

Product OverviewProduct FormSuperfood Turmeric PowderCore IngredientsTurmeric root, lemon balm, reishi mushroom, turkey tail, gingerServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$69.95

Organifi Gold is another turmeric supplement developed to enhance wellness and health overnight. The product is easy to use – mix the supplement with your desired beverage and take it every night to support body wellness. Like other reliable manufacturers, Organifi is a top manufacturer famous for its top-notch products. Organifi Gold provides you with effective, convenient, and tasty turmeric powder that offers many benefits.Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric CapsulesCore IngredientsTurmeric root, organic ginger, and organic black pepper extract.Servings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$34.99

Earth Echo is among the reliable turmeric supplement manufacturers available in the market. The company uses its proven ingredient and manufacturing sources to design the Earth Echo Turmeric + Ginger that offers the best turmeric supplement at a budget-friendly price.

Every two tablets of Tumeric + Ginger consist of 300mg of TurmiPure Gold and 55mg of black pepper extract and ginger root. The product is sold for less than $30, making it one of the most affordable turmeric supplements available in the market.Curcimitol – Q

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsCurcumalonga root, QuercetinServings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee90-day money-back guaranteePrice$49.95

Another leading turmeric supplement on our list is Curcumitol – Q from Advanced Bionutritionals. It’s a curcumin supplement that contains a special kind of curcumin ingredient called BioBMDC 30. The patented form of Curcumin is 59 times more effective than other Curcumin available in the market. It gives the body the chance to absorb more of the active turmeric ingredient, letting you enjoy more of the benefits.Live Conscious Maximum Strength Curcuwell

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric Curcumin, Boswellia Serrata, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee365-day money back guaranteePrice$23.99

Curcuwell is a great maximum-strength turmeric supplement from Live Conscious. The product is an excellent option for people who want maximum absorption.

Additionally, the product contains complementary ingredients such as BioPerine and Boswellia serrata – these are ingredients that we love to see in a turmeric supplement.

Additionally, the product is sold at a very competitive price, making it part of the most affordable options on our list.Transparent Labs Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsCurcuma Longa, BiosperineServings Per ContainerN/AMoney Back Guarantee60Price$24.99

Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids from Transparent Labs is sold at $22, making it one of the most affordable supplements in this review. According to the maker, the product can provide antioxidant benefits, reduce pain, support anti-inflammatory effects, offer higher nitric oxide levels, anti-fatigue effects, and many more.Nuzena Turmeric Curcumin +

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric Curcumin, Curcuminoids, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$35.00

Turmeric Curcumin + is among the best-value options available in the supplement market. Nuzena designed the product. The manufacturer claims the product acts as natural blood sugar, natural joint health formula, cholesterol support, natural anti-inflammatory, and many other benefits. The product is manufactured and tested in the United States, and it consists of 1,200 mg of Turmeric with an extra 100 mg of high-concentration Turmeric (with 95% curcuminoids).Turmeric Curcumin Plus

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric, Turmeric Curcuminoids, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$23.95

Turmeric Curcumin Plus is another top supplement on our list. Designed by Vitapost, the product claims to support a healthy immune system, support antioxidants, and improve muscle and joint health, and many other benefits. The product is budget-friendly and readily available. It’s an excellent choice for people looking for the best-value turmeric supplement.Curafen

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric CapsulesCore IngredientsTurmeric root, Organic Ginger, and othersServings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee365-days money-back guaranteePrice$49.95

Curafen is a turmeric supplement that claims to stop the trigger for chronic diseases. There is a trigger for chronic illness in the body, and the product is advertised to target this trigger to support wellness and health.

According to the manufacturer, the product can help repair brain damage stem cells, kill cancer cells, regulate high blood pressure, cleanse the kidneys, purify the blood, strengthen the immune system, and detoxify the liver.

Curafen is another turmeric supplement on our list that offers a 365-day money-back guarantee plan. So if you are not satisfied with the product, you can request a refund after 365 days.Essential Elements Turmeric Curcumin

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric powder, Turmeric Curcuminoids, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee365-days money-back guaranteePrice$24.95

Essential Element Turmeric Curcumin consists of 1,950mg of Turmeric per tablet, making it part of the most potent supplements on our list. However, not all the turmeric ingredients come with a high concentration – this means that some curcumin ingredients’ dosage falls short.

According to the maker, Essential Element, the product supports immune function and healthy joint function while improving cardiovascular and cognitive health. The product neutralizes free radicals to decrease the oxidative damage they cause to the body.Curcleve

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsCurcuma Longa Root, Ginger, AstraginServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee67-day money back guaranteePrice$59.99

Curcleve is another top turmeric supplement on our list. The product claims to support gut growth, decrease pain and anti-inflammation, offer natural pain relief for achy and stiff joints, enhance immune function, support cognitive function, Increase nutritional absorption in the body, among other benefits.Prosper Wellness TurmericCBD

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric Root, Hemp oil, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeLifetime Guarantee*Price$49.97

Prosper Wellness TurmericCBD is a turmeric and CBD product that contains 6,000mg of Turmeric plus an additional 300mg of full-spectrum CBD. Kriss Berg designed the product, and they describe it as “the miracle combination.”Golden Revive +

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsBoswellia serrata, Curcumin, Bromelain, Piperine, QuercetinServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeLifetime money-back guaranteePrice$67.00

UpWellness designed Golden Revive +, and it’s a supplement marketed to serve as a joint pain aid. According to the maker, taking Golden Revive + every day can help you target muscle tension, fibrosis, and inflammation.

With this, the manufacturer boasts that the product can effectively support health and wellness.

The product is sold for around $13, making it the most affordable turmeric supplement on our list. Impressively, the product offers a 60-day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the results after 60 days, you can request a refund.PaleoValley Turmeric Complex

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric root, Ginger, Rosemary,Coconut oil powder, Cloves, and othersServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee60-day money-back guaranteePrice$34.99

Another turmeric supplement that made our top-ranked list is the Turmeric Complex from PaleoValley. While most supplements on our list contain only BioPerine and Turmeric, Turmeric Complex comes with three additional superfoods to increase efficiency.

Each tablet of the product consists of organic Ginger, organic Turmeric, organic rosemary, organic black pepper, and organic cloves. The product is designed with proven natural ingredients that can improve immunity in many ways.PuraThrive Liposomal Turmeric

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric root, Sunflower oil, PhosphatidylcholineServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$44.95

Liposomal Turmeric is another incredible supplement designed by PuraThrive, and it comes in liquid form – this makes it easier to use.

One impressive thing about this product is that it’s gluten-free. The supplement was designed in the USA and made with organic Turmeric. PuraThrive claims that people who use this product daily can enjoy radiant skin, protect brain cells, support cardiovascular function, keep a positive attitude, improve detoxification, support a healthy inflammatory response, and many other benefits.Natural Stacks Turmeric & Curcumin with Coconut Oil

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric CapsulesCore IngredientsCurcumin, Coconut oilServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee30-day money-back guaranteePrice$19.96

Natural Stacks designed Turmeric Curcumin with Coconut Oil to offer 185x more bioavailable than regular, powdered Curcumin. While other supplements come in powder or capsules, Natural Stacks uses soft gel capsules with coconut oil. The product surrounds the active ingredients with fats to boost the absorption of Curcumin in the body.Prime Health Daily Turmeric Restore

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric CapsulesCore IngredientsCurcuminoid , Pepper (Black)Servings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee60-day money-back guaranteePrice$49.00

Turmeric Restore is another best supplement on our list. Prime Health Daily designs the product to help flood the human body with age-defying antioxidants to promote a healthy immune system. The manufacturer claims that taking this product every day can help support inflammatory response and weight loss. You can also enjoy 2,000% better absorption thanks to the black pepper extract included in the composition.

Besides that, Turmeric Restore contains black pepper extract, making it more effective and it offers powerful benefits.Turmeric 3D

Product OverviewProduct FormTurmeric CapsulesCore IngredientsTurmeric, Organic Ginger, Piperine , AshwagandhaServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeOne-year satisfaction guaranteePrice$59.95

Turmeric 3D is another top turmeric supplement from Organixx. The manufacturer markets the products as anti-inflammatory supplements and powerful antioxidants that can help to support pain-free and healthy joints. When you take Turmeric 3D daily, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Organixx’s Turmeric 3D tablet consists of organic Ginger, fermented organic Turmeric, vitamin D3, and organic KSM-66 ashwagandha root extract. The product is among the top-rated doctor-formulated blend turmeric supplements available, and it comes at a budget-friendly price.Kats Botanicals Turmeric

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric PowderServings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee30-day satisfaction guaranteePrice$19.99

Another top-rated turmeric supplement that made it to our list is Kats Botanicals Turmeric. The product claims to enhance your immune system while relieving inflammation. Additionally, a 30-day money back policy backs the product. So if you don’t like the product after 30 days, you can request your money. Each tablet of the supplement contain an equivalent dosage of the top-rated option on our list:150mg of high-concentration Turmeric1,000mg of organic turmeric root100mg of black pepper extract for better absorption.

The product is priced at $20, making it one of the most affordable supplements on our list. According to the manufacturer, Kat Botanicals, their supplement product can promote strong joints, support brain function, enhance daily mood, support heart health, discourage oxidative stress, and many other benefits.Science Natural Supplements Turmeric with BioPerine

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric root, Curcuminoids, BioperineServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee180-day money back guaranteePrice$49.00

Science Natural Supplements designed an organic turmeric supplement that serves as an energy booster and waist loss aid. Every day, taking the product can help support sleep, weight loss, boost mental focus, promote digestive health, and many other benefits.Shroom Tech Immune

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric root, Ginger, OreganoServings Per Container45Money Back Guarantee90-day money-back guaranteePrice$47.96

Onnit design Shroom Tech Immune is one of the best turmeric supplements available in the market today. Like other supplements from Onnit, Shroom Tech Immune stresses using top-notch ingredients and lab-testing at a premium price point.NativePath Daily Turmeric

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric powder, Pepper (Black)Servings Per Container60Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$39.95

Dr. Chad Walding produced the NativePath Daily Turmeric. The product contains a high concentration of Turmeric (with 95% curcuminoids) with BioPerine to increase its effectiveness.

Dr. Chad recommends that you keep taking this product to keep enjoying the benefits.CurcuminMD Plus

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric, Boswellia serrataServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee90-day money-back guaranteePrice$36.99

CurcuminMD Plus is a top-rated turmeric supplement from 1MD. The product uses a special kind of Curcumin to increase bioavailability. According to 1MD, the Curcumin present in CurcuminMD Plus offers 285 times more bioavailable than regular Turmeric.

Daily intake of CurcuminMD Plus can help promote the production of antioxidant enzymes, reduce everyday oxidative stress, help you to get the best day and night, enhance cognitive health, and many other benefits.Plant Pure Turmeric CBD

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary Solution/LiquidCore IngredientsHemp oil, Turmeric oil, Lavender oil, EucalyptusServings Per Container30Money Back GuaranteeLifetime Guarantee*Price$39.99

Turmeric CBD is a powerful supplement from Plant Pure. The product combines two proven health-promoting ingredients – cannabidiol (CBD) and Turmeric. These two ingredients combined can help to support joints, focus, pain relief, clarity, mobility, among other benefits.Turmeric Total Boost

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric, Pepper (Black), CurcuminServings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee90-day money-back guaranteePrice$69.95

Turmeric Total Boost is a supplement from PhytAge that also made it to our list of top-ranked supplements available online. According to the maker, the product “may not only be life-changing” but life-saving. The company claims its product can save your life with its antioxidant properties.

Plus, the product is sold at $70, making it one of the most expensive supplements on our list. Additionally, the product comes with a lower dosage of Turmeric. The product contains 10mh of high-concentration Turmeric plus 600mg turmeric per tablet. This makes it a weaker option when compared with other affordable options available on our list.Purality Health Liposomal Gold Curcumin

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary LiquidCore IngredientsCurcumin extract, Ginger Oil extract, Algae-derived DHA (omega-fatty acids)Servings Per Container15Money Back Guarantee180-day money back guaranteePrice$54.00

Purality Health is one of the leading and powerful supplement companies in the market. Patented Micelle® Liposomal Technology used in the supplement makes it one of the top-selling turmeric supplements in the market, offering increased bioavailability. Purality Health Liposomal Gold has an amazing taste and unlike many supplements that contain omega-3 fatty acid, it does not have a fishy taste and neither does it derive the DHA used from animal sources such as fish.

With enhanced absorption, the supplement is able to treat the major health problems more efficiently with the target problem being joint agony.Best Turmeric Supplements on Amazon

You will find some of the top-rated turmeric supplements on Amazon. When creating a list of the best turmeric supplements on Amazon, we also considered some factors used above. These includes:Thorne Research Meriva-SF

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsCurcumin phytosome, Curcuma Longa rootServings Per Container60Money Back Guarantee60-days money back guaranteePrice$31.00

Meriva-SF is a soy-free curcumin supplement from Thorne Research, and it’s sold at $44 per bottle. The product contains a curcumin extract with 29 times better absorption compared to the standard curcumin extracts. Additionally, the product claims to support a healthy inflammatory response in your body to provide relief from muscle and joint pain.Smarter Nutritional Curcumin with Black Seed Oil

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsCurcumin root, Black cumin seed oil, Ginger, AstraginServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee60 day money-back guaranteePrice$39.95

Every two softgel tablets contain 50mg of AstragGin ( a ginseng root extract), 100mg ginger root extract (with 5% gingerols), 400mg of black cumin seed, and 400mg of high-concentration turmeric (with 95% curcuminoids). With extensive lab testing, transparent concentrations, proven natural ingredients, the product is among the best turmeric supplements that you can purchase on Amazon.Qunol Extra Strength Turmeric

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsGamma-cyclodextrin, oleoresin turmeric, magnesium stearate, and othersServings Per Container60Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$29.99

Extra Strength Turmeric is an excellent supplement from Qunol, and it offers 1,000mg turmeric per tablet. According to the maker, the product is doctor recommended, and it provides extra adsorption and extra strength. What’s more, the product is only priced at $30 for a 120 tablet bottle. Additionally, the product might provide a better value than other supplements on our list.

Though the product is not as potent as other supplements with 500mg and 95% curcuminoids that are on our ranking list, it’s one of the best-value and best-rated supplements that you will find on Amazon.OXOMIO Condro

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsCurcumin, Boswellia Serrata, BioperineServings Per Container60 (also available in bigger packaging)Money Back GuaranteeN/APrice$80.00

The product is handcrafted in small batches, and they are numbered individually for ultimate traceability. Unlike other supplements on this ranking list, Condro allows you to track your turmeric journey from the tropical field of South India to the production facility and the shelf. Each tablet of Condro 10mg of BioPerine, 150mg of Boswellia serrata, 200mg of high-concentration Turmeric (with 95% curcuminoids), including other ingredients

If you want a premium supplement and don’t mind paying high, the Condo is a perfect choice.Simple Life Nutrition Turmeric BioPerine

Product OverviewProduct FormDietary PillsCore IngredientsTurmeric, Curcuminoids, BioPerineServings Per Container30Money Back Guarantee30 day money-back guaranteePrice$17.99

With better absorption using BioPerine, this supplement by Simple Life Nutrition offers great joint support. Be it an aged individual or someone who hasn’t hit 40’s or 50’s, joint agony can hit anyone. Simple Life Nutrition aims to alleviate the worst of joint agonies using natural and organic herbs. It also provides immunity support and overall health support, unlike many other supplements that target just one root problem.The Tumeric Testament

The New Turmeric Testament: How This 4000 yo Golden Miracle Naturally Fights Pain & Inflammation is an excellent ebook developed by Alternative Daily. You can receive an eBook for $10 only. Plus, the book is accompanied by three bonus health guides.

In the eBook, readers will find information about the science-backed benefits of Turmeric, Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties, how to use Turmeric to enjoy some advantages, and how Turmeric addresses specific health issues.

In some parts of the eBook, you will learn how Turmeric can support stress, anxiety, and brain function.

The price for the Turmeric Testament is around $10.How We Ranked The Best Turmeric Supplements?

While turmeric supplements might seem equal, they contain different dosages. So we ensure to put various supplements under rigorous tests to ensure they are the best. Here are the factors used by our editorial team in choosing the best turmeric supplements available online:Curcumin Concentration

While some turmeric uses a specific type of Turmeric with 95% curcumin, others use a lower concentration of Curcumin. Curcumin is the most active compound in turmeric supplements that provide it anti-inflammatory effects.Scientific Evidence

Most turmeric supplements manufacturers out there do not invest in clinical trials. However, some turmeric makers reference clinical research or back their claims with placebo-controlled clinical evidence.Label Transparency

Some companies may use unshared formulas to conceal the ingredient dosage. While it’s evident that Turmeric is one of the ingredients used in the proprietary formula, we are unaware of the actual dosage. Most supplement companies do this to conceal the weak ingredient dosage. So we prefer companies with a clear label.BioPerine or Black Pepper Extract in the Turmeric Supplement

If you take only turmeric ingredients, your body will find it difficult to absorb the natural elements. For some reason, your body won’t absorb the right amount of raw turmeric dosage. This is the reason why many turmeric supplements use BioPerine (black pepper extract).

Other factors that we considered while choosing and ranking the supplements are:Turmeric DosageBacked by Medical Advisory Board or Doctor FormulatedPrice, Availability, and ValueComplementary IngredientsMoney-Back GuaranteeHonest Advertised BenefitsFAQs About Turmeric Supplements

Now that you have understood everything about turmeric supplements and their benefits, we know you may have one or more questions to ask about turmeric supplements, Curcumin, and Turmeric. Here is a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions.Q: What is Turmeric?

A: Turmeric is an underground stem or root of a ginger family plant. Nowadays, supplement manufacturers grind this stem and condense it to form a powder.

Then add it to food, capsules, and supplements to promote various health benefits. Aside from being used as a supplement, it’s also a popular spice found in curry powder packets.Q: What is Curcuma longa?

A: The scientific name of the turmeric plant is Curcuma longaQ: How much Turmeric can I take for optimal health benefits?

A: Most research on Turmeric backed the daily intake of 500mg to 2,000mg dose of Turmeric. Most turmeric supplements also recommend an equivalent daily dosage. It is always ideal to consult your healthcare provider before starting the supplementation of turmeric root extract products or any other health products for that fact.Q: Is Turmeric backed with scientific evidence?

A: Studies have discovered that Turmeric can promote various health benefits by controlling inflammation. Nevertheless, a more large-scale study is needed in humans to confirm the health benefits of Turmeric.Q: Can Turmeric capsules reduce inflammation?

A: Several studies have discovered that Turmeric can promote inflammation throughout your body. Conventional medicine practitioners have used Turmeric for decades to help control inflammation.Q: Where can I purchase turmeric root?

A: You can purchase your turmeric stem at some natural health stores or specialty grocery stores. Also, some Asian marketplaces might sell turmeric stems.Q: What can I do with turmeric root?

A: Turmeric can also be prepared in a similar way to Ginger. Scrape off the rind before cooking it, adding it to smoothies, or eating it. You can also prepare turmeric powder from turmeric root. Powdered turmeric is much easier to use in multiple foods and beverages such as shakes, drinks, etc.Q: How do I prepare turmeric tea?

A: Turmeric tea, also called golden milk, is a famous beverage in traditional Asian medicine. To do this, mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with spices like black pepper, cinnamon, sweetener, and warm milk. Also, you can purchase turmeric tea bags online and use them just like ordinary tea bags.Final Verdict

Taking turmeric supplements makes it easy for you to enjoy the various curcumin benefits. However, it’s recommended that you take them in their proper dosage – this can help you control inflammation. Inflammation is associated with several illnesses and diseases.

It shouldn’t be surprising that turmeric supplements are associated with anti-cancer benefits, weight loss, cardiovascular effects, cognitive benefits, and many other benefits.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Turmeric or begin to use the supplement today, consider one of the top turmeric supplements on our recommended list of the top-rated turmeric supplements of 2022.

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