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If you're looking for the best toys for four-year-old girls, whether it's for your daughter, niece, granddaughter, or even a friend's child, don't worry; we've got you covered.

By the time they turn four, kids are becoming more independent, getting ready for school, and learning new things. With the help of toys, you can inspire a four-year-old to start learning new skills, including using their imagination and being creative as well as developing more practical abilities like writing and tying laces. The 40 best toys for four-year-old girls are listed below! Cgt Pool Pattern

40 Toys For 4 Year Old Girls - National Today

ALLCELE RC Robot Adorable and humorous

Golray Tea Party Set Enjoy tea time with friends and family.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube Beautifully constructed

Ashlyn is the group’s event coordinator and future princess. She will always give a hug to a friend who needs one, so you can rely on her. When Ashlyn dresses up as a princess, she goes out of her way to treat others with kindness, just as a true princess would. This package would include an AshlynTM doll suitable for younger girls. Her long, silky brown hair, which she can brush and style, is complemented by her brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and freckled skin. Also, a princess crown on a pink headband, one set of pale pink underwear, pink Mary Jane boots with glitter, a garment in petal pink with front lacing that looks like gold metal with a skirt that has a removable high-low hem, and a golden glitter waistband.

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Let your child experience the joy of Christmas with this irresistible, entertaining, and relaxing toy. Decked with eye-catching vibrant holiday colors, this toy guarantees a satisfying texture, sound, and infinite reusability for that mesmerizing good feeling, popping bubble wraps is now on a whole new level. This fidget is made of 100% food-grade silicone that’s odorless, BPA-free, and non-toxic. Your little girl can play with this toy to her heart’s content without any worry of breakage as this toy is flexible and resistant to tears. Once she starts popping, it’s impossible to stop until her itch is fully scratched. This gives you, the parent/guardian ample time to complete other holiday tasks without interruption.

The materials used to make this four-piece plush unicorn girls’ toy are of the highest quality. It is a soft and fluffy toy that comes with a baby and mommy unicorn, as well as a blanket, all in an extra-large furry pink handbag that’s easy to carry around. Each piece of this set is long-lasting, washable, and CPC-certified safe in the United States. This means that the products have been independently tested and found to be safe and appropriate for your children. This toy is ideal as your child’s travel companion because it is portable. Give this toy to your little princess for Christmas and you can be sure that she will have a lot of fun playing with it.

This is going to be your child’s new favorite toy. It is a role-playing toddler phone that combines phone and music player functions. It also allows for capturing images as it has an autofocus feature, which significantly enhances photo definition. It also has a high-quality speaker, which is ideal for children learning and listening to music. Other features include a portable lanyard for carrying and moving, a video camera, an alarm clock, games, and a voice recorder for more imaginative ways to play. This toy’s shockproof shell provides effective anti-fall protection. It has a powerful battery performance that allows for prolonged photo sessions or music listening for up to two hours after fully charging. A micro-SD card and a USB type-C cable are made available to store thousands of photos and for easy recharge.

Playing is one of the best ways to learn. This magnetic building block set not only encourages children to grow in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, but it also allows them to have fun stacking and connecting. It’s a fantastic educational toy.  In terms of safety, the electrostatic stacking bricks are designed with curved corners to ensure a smooth feel. Magnetic tiles for kids have been treated with ultrasonic technology to improve tightness and prevent breakage. Your four-year-old can learn to recognize colors and geometrical shapes such as 3D forms, number count, magnetic opposites, and architectural design. This is the ideal educational gift for school-age children.

Pretend-play is always enjoyable. On a sunny day, your little princess prepares to enjoy teatime with friends and family, doughnuts, cake, tea, and conversation! This tea set includes one tea kettle, one serving plate, four cups, four saucers, four plates, one conveying case, one pastry tower, one sweet serving plate, one spatula, one cake box, one decorative spread, 21 ABS Plastic pretend-play desserts with a variety of doughnut, treat, cake, salad dressing, chocolate chip treats, popcorn, and mayonnaise. Decorative liner and pastry tower are included; these delectable sweet toys will make your child happy during tea time. Pretend-toy food can help children develop their fundamental abilities, interactive abilities, active coordination, freedom, social decorum, and self-assurance. Allow your child to have more fun with imaginative play!

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Wooden Star Diner Restaurant Play Space

At the Star Diner, you can have twice the fun! The restaurant side is designed to look like a 1950s diner and includes a sturdy, double-sided wooden play space that encourages kids to cook and serve from the kitchen side and order and enjoy a meal from the booth side. The kitchen features an extra-large oven, realistic burners and dials, a two-shelf refrigerator, and plenty of counter space, as well as fun details like a drink dispenser and milkshake maker with a movable mixing rod. Customers, four and older can spin the jukebox dial to select their preferred genre of music, then drop the included coin into the slot – and the coin lands in a collection tray on the other side. The diner comes with detailed, step-by-step written,and visual assembly instructions. Each step is clearly described on its page and includes the necessary hardware, tools, and components. Each component is labeled with a number, making it simple to find what you need while constructing the kitchen. When assembled, this diner measures 35″ H x 43.5″ W x 23″ L; the 41-piece Playset is not included. 

ORIAN Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

This princess tent was made with a high-quality and durable design. It can withstand wear and tear. Your four-year-old is guaranteed years of fun and enjoyment. Star LED lights are included in each play tent and are FCC-Certified, creating a dreamy and healthy environment for your little one. Safe cleaning solutions can be applied for easy cleaning and maintenance after playtime. 

Le Toy Van Sophie’s Dollhouse 

This Le Toy Van Sophie’s Dollhouse is personalized so that each child can create a miniature world. This sweet pastel-colored doll house has a fully functional front door and windows, giving room for hours of imaginative and social role play. This dollhouse is designed by wooden toy specialists Le Toy Van and is made from FSC-certified sustainable wood and painted in pretty pastel shades with non-toxic paint. Put a child’s name on the roof of this adorable doll’s house to personalize it. UV personalization is available for up to 10 characters. Furthermore, this is a plastic-free manufacturing process. Water-based, non-toxic paints were used to decorate.

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Seckton Upgrade Kids Selfie Camera 

Your little girl would be able to capture multiple scenes and clearer moments with this selfie camera. Having upgraded to a dual camera setup, the switch key makes it easy for selfies to be taken. This product is easy to carry as it includes a portable lanyard. It includes a voice and video recorder for more creative play. It has a great battery life and comes with a USB for easy recharge and a 32GB micro-SD card for storing thousands of photos and videos. This camera is made of high-quality, non-toxic soft plastic that is gentler on children’s skin with a shockproof shell that effectively protects against falls making this a great birthday gift for your four-year-old girl.

Gift your four-year-old girl this karaoke toy for her birthday. This karaoke microphone can be used to sing along with her favorite Youtube stars. Songs can be played from any app on your phone like Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music. This product is designed with precision stereo acoustic speakers for high volume and great quality sound. You can change your voice with the four voice effects made available – high pitch, low pitch, chipmunk, and Echo control for endless fun. This kid’s microphone will play for over eight hours straight, keeping the birthday party going all night long. Kids love it.

Every little girl enjoys dressing up, especially as a princess. This princess role-play shoes and jewelry boutique set for girls includes four different color pairs of shoes, a crown, two earrings, one necklace, one ring, one handbag, one pair of gloves, and a lovely storage box. The pink box comes with carrying handles, making it easy for girls to carry. The shoes are made of high-quality ABS plastic, and the soft feathers on the top complement the heart-shaped crystal. Every step is secure thanks to the non-slip gel on the sole. This set is an excellent choice for princess cosplay, girls’ dressing up, imaginative play, role-playing, and birthday parties.

This pretend-kitchen set is well known among kids. It is the most ideal option for role-playing, as it assists your youngster with acquiring fundamental abilities, which further develop color acknowledgment, exercises dexterity coordination, and the ability to coordinate and store things. It features great ABS material, round edges, and no smell. It is child-friendly and brings children unending fun while additionally furnishing them with overall safety. It comes with lights, audio effects, spray abilities, and music, perfectly imitating the cooking scene. The faucet can be pressed to release water, bringing children the twofold fun of playing sink and cooking oven. 

Barbie Be-A-Fashion Designer Doll Dress-Up Kit

This set will provide girls with hours of creative fun! They can live out their fashion designer fantasies by transforming five plain dresses into fabulous fashions using ribbons, bows, flowers, sequins, glitter glue, and various trimmings. The set also includes a dress form for your child to show off her favorite outfits. All of the dresses are designed to fit Barbie dolls.

Fantastic looks characterize this adorable and humorous robot. It is designed in two sections. The upper part is a cute robot with two LED eyes that can be adjusted. The bottom section consists of two tank tracks. This robot toy is beautifully packaged. It will make an excellent birthday present for your little girl. It is a versatile robot that you can control remotely to blink, close, or light up its LED eyes once you turn it on. It can sing three songs that you can switch between, and it has a voice feature that lets it converse with you in its language. When the robot enters demo mode, the tank tracks allow it to move forward, backward, left, and right. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that takes 120 minutes to fully charge and can run for 100 minutes. There is also a mini-USB cable for charging it and a remote controller that is powered by two AA batteries that are not included in this purchase. The remote control has a range of up to 100 feet without obstruction. It is simple for children to use.

This is an excellent gift idea for young girls. They can have a lot of fun pretend-playing with Shemira’s play purse toy set, which includes a pretend makeup kit and accessories for carrying things around. Every little girl adores princess toys and enjoys pretending to be a shopping mom like you. This 21-piece pretend play set is ideal for girls’ birthdays and other special occasions. The chic handbag is the right size for little girls to carry, and it has enough space for her pretend makeup kit, cell phone, and princess wallet. Soft PVC and of high quality. The smooth metal zipper closure is simple to use with the little finger. Her little hands will be freed up thanks to the soft, adjustable strap, which will also be with her throughout her entire childhood. The little girl’s purse contains everything a small child requires when going shopping. Wallet, credit cards, cash, sunglasses, and a watch The smartphone has a camera sound, a light on the back, and a changeable 3D panel. With this toy phone, children can pretend to take photos. The car keys make noises as well. All of these details combine to make this purse set both adorable and realistic.

Offering five modes of gaming, this dance mat is the perfect unique gift for kids. The music performance mode on this toy can be switched at will and allows for easy volume control and getting exercise while immersed in it. With a soft surface made of non-woven fabric and a non-slip bottom strip, this musical pad is non-toxic, which makes it environmentally friendly and harmless. It comes with gift box packaging which makes it easy to carry and having passed CPSIA and ASTM standard tests, this product is very safe for your child and long-lasting.

PinkSheep Little Girl Jewel Rings in Box

With an original and trendy design, this jewel ring box will make your daughters mesmerized. Each design is unique and made with vibrant colors. All rings in this box are adjustable and would fit perfectly according to your finger. Made of high-quality acrylic and metal, these rings are durable, safe, skin-friendly, and simple to care for. 

Hicarer Nine Pieces Colorful Unicorn Bracelet

This is one package that can easily be purchased for your little girl. It comes with nine pieces of unicorn beaded bracelets, each with different styles and colors that are sufficient and can meet your different decorating needs. The bracelets are strung with beads and have a unicorn pendant on each of them. An elastic rope is placed inside to make it stretchable, easy to use, look bright, and lively, and make you look more eye-catching in the crowd. The beads are of great quality because it does not easily break, fade, or wear out. 

This play-doh slime is an extraordinary strategic toy with different brilliant tones and surfaces. It is simple, non-poisonous, and comes in a convenient, recyclable package. Each play-doh slime provides a unique tactile experience, making it ideal for children’s gatherings and allowing for endless mashable fun. Form and crush the pink and yellow play-doh foam beads, and enjoy the stretchy feel of the blue and green play-doh.

This is the first interactive doctor kit for children ever created. Three interactive games with varying levels stimulate cognitive development through hands-on play. The box includes four frames as well as 12 different figurines, including a stethoscope, thermometer, medicine bottle, X-ray, bandage, flashlight, magnifier, scissors, spray, syringe, BP pump, and ultrasound. Step into the medical playground with charming characters by attaching the frames to keep your tablet in place. Tacto is compatible with a variety of tablets. It is an ideal toy for your little girl to dress up as a life-saving physician in story-driven games. With this smart toy doctor kit for children, your child can improve her social-emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills, and learn about safety and first-aid.

Featuring your favorite dolls from O.M.G. and L.O.L. Surprise characters, this surprise ball set comes with four novelty surprise balls in total. Sticker sheets, rings, scrunchies, hair ties, keychains, lip balms, temporary tattoos, hair bows, and stick-on earrings are all included in each surprise ball. With enough accessories for everyone, you can wear them and share them with friends to ensure that everyone has a good time. All licensed O.M.G. and L.O.L. Surprise! party favors are made of high-quality, non-hazardous materials. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift for girls. If you can’t get enough of L.O.L. Surprise!, this ultimate surprise ball collection is for you.

This set includes 16 bottles of nail polish in glitter and solid colors. Pink, yellow, green, orange, sky blue, dark blue, red, and other colors are available. You can get a variety of nail colors by combining them, and you can make a variety of charming nails. Your kids’ artistic and aesthetic sensibilities will be supported by our comprehensive nail polish kit. This product was created specifically to be simple and kind to young children’s nails. Our mom-approved kid-friendly nail polish set is 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic, unlike all those low-quality girl nail polish sets that may contain harmful chemicals! You can match the nail polish color to your child’s outfit, mood, or day of the week. Make sure your child always has a gorgeous manicure, and fill her childhood with vibrant colors.

Kids leap into play with a squeak and a hop. There is no better way to get kids moving than a unicorn pogo jumper. The handle bars and unicorn head are attached to the purple foot pad by a pink stretchy bungee. Kids jump and squeak while holding onto the soft-grip handles tightly!  This squeak is encouraging and pleasant, and it won’t hurt your ears. Kids simply keep prancing, bouncing, and having fun. Thick foam was used to create the unicorn’s head. lovely, strong, and long-lasting. This unicorn hops pretty with a pink mane, a purple bridle, and of course the desired horn. Any height can use the adjustable bungee, and the foot pad can support up to 250 pounds. Do you want to go for a ride? If you stretch the bungee upward, this unicorn won’t be idle for long because kids adore its squeaky ride. Let’s get started.

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LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart Deluxe

Have some fun with this ice cream playset. It comes with a magic scooper for scooping up ice cream and toppings to make tasty-looking treats while teaching kids about colors and flavors. This toy can aid in the development of memory and sequencing skills. Your little girl can practice counting to 10 and adding just the right amount of syrup by pressing the syrup pump or coin button. By pushing the ice cream play set around the house and serving ice cream to friends and family while listening to playful, upbeat music, this toy helps to develop motor skills.

ArtCreativity Pink and Purple Bubble Lawn Mower 

This is a fantastic toy that will have that child giddy with delight! This lawn mower also functions as a bubble blower machine, which children will enjoy. It comes with three bottles of bubble solution to keep the fun going. This toy not only blows bubbles, but it also makes realistic sound effects to add to the fun; wheels make gear sounds when pushed. It’s ideal for the outdoors and will keep kids entertained for hours. Moving around and walking around is a fun way for children to get some healthy exercise. Knowing how energetic play can be, this toy was made of tough plastic to withstand it all. It’s very simple to put together, and the handle can be removed for convenient and space-saving storage. Bubble toys not only add a touch of magic to sunny days, but they also help children effortlessly learn important skills as they play. They’ll practice motor skills while chasing and popping bubbles, as well as visual tracking skills by watching bubbles float away.

This build-a-bouquet craft kit allows young children to build, match and sort. They can mix and match pieces to create different flowers at will. It is made with BPA-FREE ECO-friendly materials with a non-toxic and smooth surface. It would not hurt your kids’ hands. It is easy to clean as it could be washed with water and also, could be washed in a dishwasher. 

Kids will love pretending to run their own lemonade stand and serve up refreshing drinks that are “freshly squeezed.” With the provided chalk and the real chalkboard, kids can create their own customized menus. When their orders are ready, they can ring the bell. Kids can store the accessories during and after playtime thanks to the lemonade stand’s ample hooks and storage under the cart. There are 25 accessories included for more playtime. 

By pushing the cart with real rolling wheels and an umbrella that opens and closes, children will experience the feeling of being a real street food vendor.

In this Intex ring inflatable center, your little swimmers will want to splash around until the sun sets. Your children will undoubtedly enjoy swimming in this pool because of its exciting, vibrant rainbow colors and soft inflatable floor. The backyard pool is the ideal place to cool off on sweltering summer days. This kiddie pool is made of sturdy vinyl and is designed for continuous use. This baby pool has a repair patch as well because kids can be unreliable. The inflatable, cushioned floor of this pool keeps your little backyard swimmers secure and at ease. It offers hours of outdoor entertainment for kids and is ideal for them. You and your children can splash around in this pool until dusk while you watch the sunset.

Give your children countless hours of entertainment and adventure! Children’s imaginations can be sparked by this bounce house, which can also aid in coordination development and muscle growth in young children. A secure bouncing surface is provided by the high walls and soft inflatable floor. Its four turrets are fantastic for inspiring children’s imaginations. Shoes, belts, jewelry, watches, keys, hairpins, and any other sharp objects should not be left on children. A maximum of two children can play at once; the weight limit is 120 lbs. It is the ideal setting for your children to expend all of their extra energy.

Your kids will enjoy playing with this colorful ball pit playhouse obstacle course set for hours! A must-have tent for a child who is active. The entire play ball pit pops up, opens in a matter of seconds, and collapses flat for easy storage in a carrying case with a zipper. ideal for outdoor recreation. Toy safety standards to provide your child with the safest enjoyable experience. Its soft waterproof fabrics and high-strength memory steel holder for longer life, easy to clean and dry quickly. We advise you to buy at least 200 or 300 balls separately because they are not included in the purchase.

2-in-1 Musical Jump ‘n Toss

Are you prepared to experience playing entirely differently? Jump, toss, and have fun with your new ladybug pal! Slide the yellow button to the left to start the fun, then connect the poles by fastening them to the top of the ladybug’s back. Little hoppers begin to hop as the music begins to play and the poles begin to spin! You can perform without music as well. Adjust the height of the poles by twisting them from low to medium to high. A faster mode can also be selected by flipping the button to the right. Grab a few of the vibrant tossing rings and disassemble the poles before inserting the sections into the holes all around the ladybug’s back. See if you can toss and snag your rings onto the poles while the ladybug is spinning around and around. The player who can get the most rings around the spinning poles wins the game.

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This electronic writing tablet is one educational toy that is perfect for your four-year-old girl. It can be used to learn how to draw, paint, spell words, count numbers, and much more. Cleaning of pattern and content can be done using the erase button and to prevent you from accidentally cleaning the screen, there is a lock and unlock button on the side which creates a line of thickness depending on how hard you push. This toy can be reused multiple times which makes it economical and environmentally friendly, saving you thousands of A4 paper sheets. It also helps in preventing wall and carpet stains. This product helps protect your little ones’ eyes as it adopts the latest pressure-sensitive technology with a10-inch LCD colorful screen, no radiation, and no glare, making it safe and comfortable to use for a long time. It can easily be carried around, which provides a better preschool experience.

The rainbow scratch paper set comes with three different sizes of rainbow scratch notebooks — large, medium, and small — as well as six wooden styluses and four stencils for drawing. Bright colors and patterns are hidden beneath the matte coating of the sparkling rainbow art for girls. The wooden stylus aids in the discovery of brilliant colors, patterns, and drawing outlines such as graphics, flowers, and animals. A fantastic art supply for your children’s creative ideas. The rainbow scratch sheets are made of high-quality materials that are not easily broken or torn. The black magic paper aids in the development of children’s creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. Encourage children to use magic doodle paper to create artwork to hang on refrigerator doors, walls, and other surfaces. This allows them to be extremely creative.

Through the power play, your child can learn about STEM, how to tell time, set an alarm, record a video, get active, and much more! This watch combines learning and entertainment and is equipped with an adjustable photo and video camera, which helps your kids get creative. The watch can store several photos, which can then be transferred to your computer via a USB charging cable, included in your order. it is rechargeable and would be ready for another day of fun. Your child will have so much fun with this toy watch that they won’t realize they’re learning!

It’s in a child’s nature to play. The matching Letter game from HahaGift transforms the dull flashcards approach to teaching by embracing learning into the game, where children subconsciously improve their skills. This game shows that learning is enjoyable and will keep your kids interested. This fun learning toy is designed for early word recognition and includes 30 cards covering a variety of word types (60 words total), 10 letter cubes, and a tray, making it ideal for kid letter learning, object recognition, spelling, and word forming. It is simple to use and ideal for preschoolers. Children’s cognitive, memory, strategic thinking, and eye-hand coordination can all be improved by playing this game, allowing your child to breeze through the kindergarten vocabulary test. It is also a great game to promote interaction and bonding among family members because it is very diverse and varied for two or more players.

Tacobear 36Pcs Magnetic Fishing Wooden Montessori Toy 

With this wooden fishing game, your children can spend quality time with you or their friends. It includes two fishing poles, 26 letters of the alphabet, 10 electrostatic sea animals fishing concepts, and one sea theme fishing box. Each fish displays a different number or letter, allowing children to learn while fishing the wooden toy block pieces. All of the pieces are made of premium solid wood that is both safe and long-lasting for children. The edges and surfaces of the smooth wooden blocks will not irritate your child’s skin. This toy teaches toddlers about ocean animals, alphabet letters, and number counting. Color recognition, hand-eye coordination, math counting skills, and fine motor skills are all improved with this Montessori learning toy. The magnetic fishing game is intended to help your child’s imagination and problem-solving skills.

Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Give your child the gift of education. With this 73-piece set real-working cash register, children would learn basic money and math skills. The Pretend & Play calculator cash register is solar-powered, so no batteries are required. It includes 30 actual-size pretend bills, 40 plastic coins, a pretend credit card, and an activity guide, as well as real register sounds.

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

This is a creative sorting game for kids. The cube classic wooden toy is a beautifully constructed wooden toy with 12 bright-colored, easy-to-grip shapes. This ever-popular shape and color activity is sure to engage children. Each shape is designed to fit through a matching hole in the wooden cube. The toy is made to last and it is a colorful toy for toddlers and preschoolers that promotes color and shape recognition and problem-solving skills. The product provides a launch pad to ignite imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so they can discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose. 

Your child travels around the earth with the Orboot Earth World Globe. To begin, s can the globe with the companion app to bring it to life and then explore the world in various modes within the app. A four-year-old will enjoy visual storytelling, music, animal facts and voice interactions, world quizzes, globe puzzles, and challenges. Discover a variety of highlights and information about the world in six categories, including world animals, cultures, monuments, inventions, maps, and cuisines. Go on global scavenger hunts, participate in entertaining quizzes for each category, and learn about the food chain and ecosystem balance in your national park. This smart globe is compatible with the free Orboot app, which can be downloaded from your device’s app store or play store, there are no in-app purchases required. This toy contributes to the development of geography, environmental science, general knowledge, social science, and cultural sensitivity. Orboot Earth is the answer if you’re looking for a kid globe and an educational gift!

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40 Toys For 4 Year Old Girls - National Today

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