Powder Food Additive Functional Sweetener Neotame

For  Powder Food Additive Functional Sweetener NeotameDescription:Neotame represent the new generation of sweeteners,its appearance is white crystalline powder (or kernel),it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame,while just cost 1/3 of aspartame.On July9,2002,US Food an

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For  Powder Food Additive Functional Sweetener Neotame

Neotame represent the new generation of sweeteners,
its appearance is white crystalline powder (or kernel),
it is 7000-13000 sweeter than sucrose and the thermostable performance is better than aspartame,
while just cost 1/3 of aspartame.
On July9,2002,US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve that neotame could be used
in various food and beverages, On March 10,2003,
the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China approved neotame as a new sweetener,
the usage amount will depended on the detailed production process.

Product name:Neotame
Chemical name: N-[N-(3,3-Dimethy1buty1)-L-α-asparty1]-L-phenylalanine1-methy1 ester
Molecular formula:C20H30N2O5
Appearence: White crystalline powder
C.A.S No.: 165450-17-9
CNS: 19.019
INS: E961
AppearanceWhite crystalline
Loss on drying≤15%
Ammonium salts≤25%

The product conforms the  Standard
1. Neotame's sweetness is 8000 times of sucrose
2. Taste good, similar to sucrose.
3. High stability and does not react with reducing sugar or aldehyde flavor compounds.
4. No calories, safety metabolism and non-absorbent, which is edible for the diabetes, obese and phenylketonuria patients.

Neotame is 7000-13000 times sweeter than sucrose, Because neotame's chemical bonds which generate sweetness has amplifying effect, which leads to high degree sweetness.
If neotame content is relatively high, the chemical bonds which generate sweetness will be close to each other, and their sweetness enhancing area will be overlapping, therefore affects the overall sweetness level, So high concentration of neotame will result in low sweetness level.

Conversely, low concentration of neotame will result in high sweetness level.
For example, if the sweetness which neotame generates is as that of 2% sucrose solution,
the sweetness that neotame generates will be more than 10000 times,
if it is as that of 5% sucrose solution, the sweetness will be around 8000 times.

According to the sweetness requirement of series of sweet products, neotame could be applied in different products, and generates 7000-13000 times of sucrose' s sweetness,
thus a great many documents describe neotame's sweetness as a range of 7000-13000,
not a certain number instead. Considering high sweetness products,
with the mixture use of neotame will result in very ideal sweetness,
and its excellent property is able to improve other sweeteners' characters.

Powder Food Additive Functional Sweetener Neotame

1. fruit can
The only sweetener can be allowed to used in canned products.
Neotame in can products' heat treatment process presents good stability.

2. Preserved fruit
Can be complex used with sugar, aspartame, Stevia and other sweeteners.
3. All kinds of drinks
Used in carbonated beverage, uncarbonated drink, solid drink, it can reduce costs.
4. Dairy drinks
Reduce the quantity of heat, potentially increasing the nutritional value at the same time.
5. Jelly, bakery product, chewing gum, tablet sweetener, starchy foods, medicine field, toothpaste, cosmetics, Cigarette filter, animal feed.
Powder Food Additive Functional Sweetener Neotame

A lot of research results show that the Neotame is appropriate for children, pregnant women, lactating women and diabetes all the crowd. Using Neotame need not to suggest particularly to 'benzene ketone urine disease patients'.

Neotame can have a quickly metabolism in the body. The major metabolic pathways is making methyl ester hydrolysed by enzymes produced by the body, finally produce defatted neotame and methanol. Compared with ordinary food such as fruit juice, vegetable, and vegetable juice, Amount of methanol decomposed and generated by neotame is very little. For example, methanol content in tomato juice contains more than 200 times of the neotame drinks.

Neotame can be excreted out thoroughly though urine and feces, and does not accumulate in the body.

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