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Veterinary MedicineVitamin C Soluble Powder (WEILIXI)NameVitamin C Soluble PowderIngredientsVitamin CPropertiesThis product is white or almost white powder.PharmacologyVitamin drugs. Vitamin C forms a reversible redox system with dehydrogenated vitamin C in the body, which plays an important role in biological redox reactio

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Veterinary Medicine

Vitamin C Soluble Powder (WEILIXI)

Vitamin C Soluble Powder

Vitamin C

This product is white or almost white powder.

Vitamin drugs. Vitamin C forms a reversible redox system with dehydrogenated vitamin C in the body, which plays an important role in biological redox reactions and cellular respiration. Vitamin C is involved in the metabolism of amino acids and the synthesis of neurotransmitters, collagen and tissue intercellular substance. It can reduce the permeability of capillaries, promote the absorption of iron in the intestine, enhance the body's resistance to infection, and enhance the liver's ability to detoxify. Vitamin C is easily absorbed in the small intestine after oral administration, and is widely distributed throughout the body. The plasma protein binding rate is about 25%. It is metabolized in the liver. Vitamin C is mainly excreted in the urine in its original form. When excessive, it is metabolized to oxalic acid (oxalic acid).


1.Resistance to cold

   Chicken prefers warm and is afraid of cold. The best temperature for laying hens is 18 ~ 25ºC. When the temperature drops below 0ºC, the production of eggs decreases significantly. Low-temperature exposure in winter leads to the deterioration of chicken constitution and ovarian performance, and the production of eggs is reduced or even discontinued. When we do well in the chicken house to prevent cold and keep warm, and add energy, protein, and mineral feed, vitamin C300mg is added in every kilogram of diet, which can enhance the physique, increase the chicken's resistance to cold, improve and enhance the ovarian metabolism function, so that the ovarian cells under low energy can continue to metabolize smoothly and increase the egg production rate

2. Reduce heat stress

    In every hot and high-temperature season, laying hens are prone to be affected by external high-temperature stress due to their poor heat dissipation function, resulting in higher body temperature, faster breathing, less food intake, and lower egg production rate. Vitamin C can increase the resistance of chicken to heat stress and disease, improve the heat resistance of chicken, increase appetite, enhance ovarian metabolism function, improve the egg production rate. At a high temperature of 34ºC, the egg production rate could be increased by 8% if vitamin C200mg was added to every kilogram of diet, and by 10% if vitamin C300mg was added.

3 Prevention of Disease

    Cold weather in winter and spring leads to weakened disease resistance, low immunity, and susceptibility to respiratory infections such as colds. Timely addition of vitamin C, can enhance the immunity of the chicken body and the resistance to disease, prevent and reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases. 


4. Strengthen the constitution of chicks

    The chickens are fed with vitamin C100mg daily, which can improve the metabolism of chickens, enhance their physique, increase their appetite, promote their growth, and improve their survival rate. 

Usage and Dosage
Based on this product. Mixed drinking: 120 mg of poultry per 1 L of water, free drinking. Use for 5 consecutive days.

Adverse reactions
According to the prescribed usage and dosage, no adverse reactions have been seen.

It is easy to oxidize and fail in an alkaline solution.

Withdrawal period
No need to formulate.



Shade, seal, and store in a dry place.

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Poultry Feed Supplement Additives Best Quality Factory Sale
Poultry Feed Supplement Additives Best Quality Factory Sale


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